Wholesale Fish Market in Hanover Massachusetts

If we take your order, we deliver because we know we have it available the moment that order is placed. We don't warehouse product and try to sell it: we move fresh product from the fisherman to our customers and we only move what we know you already need. We give you the shelf life instead of wasting it in a warehouse. We keep it fresh!

Our goal is your confidence, and we aren't satisfied until our customers trust us to deliver fresh product on time, every time. Now, lots of our orders don't even have to be checked in – our drivers simply unload the product, because our customers know the order is perfect. That's how we strive to run our business every day. Choose us as your wholesale seafood provider.
Lobster in Plate — Restaurant in Hanover, MA
Wholesale Shellfish
  • Steamers
  • Frying Clams
  • 100 ct. Wellfleet Oysters
  • 100 ct. Duxbury Oysters
  • 100 ct. Blue Point Oysters
  • 100 ct. Topnecks
  • 100 ct. Littlenecks
  • PEI Mussels
  • Wild Mussels